What do you mean by trial membership? Does everyone have access to it?

The trial period is from November to December. It’s an opportunity to not only get feedback from those of you who are ok with us working through any hiccups and fine-tuning visually. It should be noted, that though there will be adjustments, the same content that will be released with the final launch (doors open to all) in January of 2019, you will have available to you during the trial period.

Who is the membership for? Does it matter where I am in the healing process? Do I have to have Lyme to join?

First, you certainly don’t have to have Lyme. Anyone who wishes to connect further with the community, make lasting friendships, and create and do alongside healing (no matter what stage you’re at or how that looks), while working with instead of against the limitations at hand. Anyone who has either been to an event and wishes to cultivate that feeling throughout the year, or to those who are unable to come but would love to have access to the goodness that takes place at in-person gatherings. 

Where can I find more information? 

I’ll be chatting about this through our weekly letters (subscribe here) or if you’d rather get your questions answered directly, do email me at chloe@morethanlyme.org

What comes with the membership? What does the process look like? 

You’ll create your own login, which will take you to our main hub, of which you’ll be able to have access to weekly content, interviews, the creative collective, archive, gift bag, and so much more. 

How do I connect with others through the membership?

We’ll have a “chat room” connected, of which we’ll hold our monthly discussions, as well as opportunities to check in throughout the month. 

How does the payment work? 

It’s an on-going monthly payment of 15 for the trial period, moving up to 20 (not for those who are already members, they’ll stay at 15) as we open the doors for all in 2019.