These 1:1 sessions are based on my own personal knowledge, research, and way of working through Chronic Illness & other such obstacles. Meaning, this partnership is ever-evolving, first pulling from your understanding of yourself, then using what I’ve acquired over the years to help cultivate, create, and be all that you wish to be, but are by no means a cure-all.

By joining the interactive side of the More Than Lyme community, which includes events, memberships, and 1:1 sessions with myself (Chloe, the founder), you are recognizing that the advice I am offering varies person to person, and cannot be held responsible for the natural margin of human error. 

Here is an opportunity to cultivate change in a wonderfully big and wildly empowering way, and I’d love to join you in celebrating all the ways in which you are more than___________.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out…