The Creative Collective.

Hello wonderful humans, welcome to the creative collective! I am especially excited about this section of the membership, though I will say, it may look a little empty these first few weeks as we work on building up the content and conversations, but I will do my best to add throughout the weeks!

so, What kind of things will be going on in here?

An on-going discussion.

First, do hop over to our FB Group and say hello! I will be posting prompts, little video updates, discussion ideas, quotes here. Which you are of course welcome to do as well & I’d love nothing more than to hear from you!

This week’s question:

What does connection mean to you & in what ways do you find it?

Today’s update:

You guys, I’m trying out something new: A Private Facebook Group for this here Creative Collective. One of the wonderful reasons why we have this trial period—so that changes like this can be made to better suit us all!

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Be inspired by what’s on our bookshelf…

Our favorite authors, makers, shifters, creators, websites, movements, podcasts—you name it. We’re still in the process of forming it, and would like to have a variety of other categories, but this felt like a good place to start. If you have ideas or would like to add things, let us know in our chat room or FB Group (link above).

Shared conversations

Weekly topics, ideas, quotes, inspiration—whatever might come to mind, rooted in the monthly theme & weekly focus, that I will first share here, then we are welcome to hop over to the FB Group and either answer, share, or discuss. Sometimes it will be as simple as a moment I just had that I want to celebrate with all of you, or maybe it’s in the form of a piece of writing, little doodle, painting, or paragraph from a book I’m reading.

And hopefully you feel invited to do the same.

Shared inspiration

Resources, say blogs that we admire or people we look up to, that we can collectively follow and gain inspiration from.

shared libraries

Books, pulled from our libraries (through recommendation by way of FB Group), with the idea that we can by month, or every two months, pick a book we can all read through together.

Shared Words

A poem a week, that I will be adding to first the FB Group, and then here—I would love it if you’d join me in this! It can be as simple as a few words. I find that this weekly, though often daily ritual, encourages me to set aside a little moment of peace during my day. And most often times it’s about my coffee or the way the sun is coming through the windows.

And besides

As there is so much room to be made for other such wonderful and inspiring things! So do let me know if you have any ideas. Link to our FB Group is at the bottom.

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11/26/2018. 7:15 am.

with the sky.

Before the coffee was made

and my notebook pulled from beneath the stack of books

on a shockingly dusty shelf—

the sky and it’s great expanse of nothingness

went from fire,

to pink


and eventually grey

just as I settled in

and took the first sip of my coffee—

leaning into my best attempt,

at making sense of the day.