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She explores podcast: 

A Podcast for and about women who are inspired by time spent outside.

"She’s had Lyme Disease for most of her young life. For Chloe, the vague, intermittent, but often debilitating symptoms of the disease have impacted her life view in both negative and remarkably positive ways. Many of the lessons its taught her are surprisingly universal – whether that’s becoming more at ease with gray areas or redefining personal strength."

Interview By, Gale Straub

Photo By, Elli Doran

Health Stories Project Interview

Health Stories Project: 

Was created to give people opportunities to share their personal health experiences and to learn from the experiences of others.

“It’s really easy to look for the things that are wrong with you rather than the things are right.” This motto speaks to Chloe’s perseverance and hopefulness that is at the heart of her work with More Than Lyme. That attitude that shines through each post, no matter how raw or painful, is one of determination and optimism. As the tagline reads: keep on keepin’ on."

Photo By, Adam Mckibben

She Explores Feature On

She Explores: 

A Website for Inquisitive Women in the Outdoors, on the Road, and Besides.

"With More Than Lyme underway, I have found a group of people who are also fighting what seems like a life-long battle for their health. All these connections have made me realize that a one man army stands no chance against the mile high wall of skeptical doctors and co-infections. But if we take this opportunity to all stand together—to support and help each other grow stronger, then each and every one of us suffering from Lyme will be on our way to a much happier and healthier lifestyle."

Photo By, Adam Mckibben

Interview With Peer Health

Peer Health:

creates a match score that measures how close a member is to others from a clinical perspective

"I slowed down, taking off my running shoes and replacing them with something durable and long lasting — hiking boots, fit with red laces and soles sturdy enough to take me anywhere. And as I slowed down, I found my thoughts lingering on questions like these…

1) On my worst days, what was it that made me feel more like myself?
2) Through failed treatments and doctor visits, what kept me going?"

Photo By, Julia Duke

Interview With O2 Magazine

Oregon Outdoor Magazine: 

our goal is to create content geared toward those willing to challenge the boundaries of what's expected. 

"I love anywhere that makes you feel small, especially when you’re in huge mountains. I realized that was an essential part of my healing process. Just as medicine was important, I needed time to get outside to reset. So every single day, even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood, I do it."

Photo By, Adam Mckibben