Week Two April More Than Lyme Membership

Good morning!

It’s another rainy day here in Bend, Oregon, and I’m about to pack up and head north to my little childhood home-island of Vashon, about a 15 minute ferry ride from Seattle.

I’m a bit baffled by how quickly time is going by and the pace at which my emotions seem to be fluctuating between “ok I’ve totally got this,” to “oh my gosh there isn’t nearly enough time to get everything done!” That said, I have been better at reminding myself that my to do’s and the number of tasks that I get done in a day, has nothing to do with my worth. With how productive I am/was.

That’s something that you get to decide. Sometimes just getting one thing done a day feels good, even if it’s cleaning the living room or making it to the grocery store. It all counts.

Anyways, I’ve been looking forward to this trip for awhile now, and though it is technically a work trip as I will be (with the help of my mom and cousin) making mugs for everyone part of the event (thanks to the tools my mom has being a ceramicist and all!), it’s going to be a welcomed change of pace and nice rest for my eyes and mind, which have been consumed by computer-event-planning time for the past few months!

And because of this change of pace, and in light of our focus for the month, instead of doing a live conversation within our FB Group on Tuesday, I will be posting daily updates & snippets of what I’ll be getting up to, as it will vary quite drastically from my normal work-week.

We are actually rushing to head out as the trouble with traveling to an island is you have to take into account ferry times, and I usually find myself rushing around! But I’m not going to beat myself up for this make-shift and oddball post because that’s where I’m at this week & it doesn’t have anything to do with how I should value ourselves.

Giving ourselves permission to change our minds and focus on other things IS ok. I often find myself thinking I need to keep to a routine because I said I would. Well, today all routine has gone out the window, and that includes this weekly update! It’s all about meeting ourselves where we’re at while still making sure we show up for the things we need to show up for.

Ok, I may be back later with a few more highlights for this week, but regardless, I would suggest checking in with our FB Group so you can follow along on our little adventures this week.

Going to be all sorts of crafty and fun. And believe it or not, but more coffee is actually consumed when I’m home. It’s my parents fault, they consume the darn stuff all day long (and I secretly love it).

Talk soon,