Hello all! 

It looks as if it might be warm day today, with the clouds light and easily scattered across the sky, plus there is a light frost covering the outside world, which means that the skies were clear throughout the night. I’m back home now, and I have to say, even though I was there a week, and didn’t even unpack entirely, transitions and moving away from something really wonderful and heart-filling. even if I’m going  straight into another really good thing, I find to be difficult.

And this is a silly thing to complain about, so instead of doing that, I simply want to notice what that feeling is and where it’s coming from. I want to give it time to be worked through, while also not getting hung up on the little stuff. The wanting to to be in two places at once. The coming back to my home-home, only wishing I was back on the little island I grew up on. And I know that’s mostly because my people are there. 

Essentially, and before I make this too complicated…

To trust myself enough to know that that place and those people are part of me no matter where I go. That I will be back soon, and in the meantime, that feeling that makes it feel like home will stay with me, no matter where I go or what I have to do. 

Normally I spend most of the day on the computer, with a few breaks here and there to either get outside, run errands, or what have you, but this last week, most of my days were spent pounding, cutting, molding, and smoothening clay into a shape that will pass as a mug for our event. I felt productive in an entirely new way. Sure, there is a certain amount that I was aiming to get done, adding structure and a light to-do list, but for the bulk of it I was lost in a book-on-tape or imaginary world of my own creation. 

This felt like a vacation from my busy-bustling mind, and a reminder to always, always made room for the things that allow me to step back and gain a perspective that would otherwise remain in the dark. Or would remain as, “oh that’s a sweet idea, just not for me!” Or more commonly for me, “ I don’t have time.” 

These things don't have to be something like making mugs. 

They don’t have to be fancy or costly.

And they definitely shouldn’t be something that you think you need to do in order to fill some creative void, but only if you want to. Only if that part of your gut that you trust most is encouraging you to do so. But please, don’t get wrapped up in guilt if it doesn’t work out! Don’t beat yourself up. 

Because sometimes it doesn’t work out. Sometimes we have to let go. Sometimes the energy just isn’t there, but we can always try. We can always dip our toes in and see what it would be like, because if we don’t we may never realize the magic we might be missing out on! The little joys and pleasures that are absent from our days.

No matter what state we’re in, how we’re doing physically or emotionally, these things that take use out of and away from the mindset that holds our most ruthless internal critics, hold so much power. But we must go in with forgiveness. We must go in with patience. We must remind ourselves before during and after that it’s not about the finished product or what we did or didn’t do, but the showing up part, even if that was only for five minutes. 

So for our conversation today, I want to go over the in’s and out’s of keeping those things you love, that make you, you, part of your life even when it feels like you might not have access to them. 

And how sometimes that looks like stepping away from them entirely and trying something new. Sound ok? I also would like to make note that some more changes are coming to the membership, but don’t worry, I will let you know exactly when and why they will be taking place. 

So stay tuned & talk soon!

And as always, be sure to head to our FB Group on April 16th at 11am PST for our live chat!