April Week Four More Than Lyme Membership

Hello all!

I’m sitting here writing this to you without my morning coffee, which would normally seem quite impossible as writing and a hot drink go hand in hand, but for some reason this morning I feel quite alright with the pre-coffee discussion. I think maybe because it leaves me with something to look forward to? Anyways, here we are at week four of April and things feel as if they’re changing.

The relationship with change, even just saying that word, can bring up all sorts of images and ideas of how the story plays out. Often times I tell myself that if I decide to change something, it means I’m giving up. It means I’m not following through. It means I thought something was too hard therefor I decided to toss in the towel, but the truth is, sometimes I feel that within an span of a week I gain enough new perspectives that the way I approach something might very well, change, and often times that’s a really good thing.

Truth is, I started the membership with the intention of it looking a certain way, but what I didn’t take into consideration was, what if I don’t like the way it feels? What if this method doesn’t work for me right now? Especially when ideas, perspectives, and thoughts on certain things shift so quickly?

Just as you have to taste something in order to know if you’ll like it, what the flavors are—maybe you’ll add less salt this time and more sugar. Just as you have to make adjustments and changes in all other areas of your life when something in your gut (or tastebuds) is telling you to do so, we also can give ourselves permission to do so with ideas we’ve had, goals that have been set, stories we’ve told ourselves, or the expectations that have been set by and for ourselves.

We are allowed to drop them altogether and we are allowed to stir thing up, and no matter the direction that is chosen, the change that takes place should not be seen as a failure. Should not be seen as a sign of giving up or tossing in the towel. In fact, you stepping forward and actively deciding that something does in fact need to change, takes mental strength and shows that you are willing to be forgiving and kind to yourself when something just doesn’t feel how you want it to feel.

So, I continue to shift the way things are done within this membership, I am actively allowing myself to view this change as a good thing. As a step in a new and exciting direction. As every reason that I am continually challenging myself to listen to my gut even when my head is telling me in doing so I am a failure. I don’t often catch the negative looping thoughts until they’ve already made a few rounds through my mind, but eventually I do recognize, even if after a complete breakdown, that something needs to be done and keeping things the same is going to do no good for myself and those around me.

Change is good. Change is progress, even as we step backwards and side to side. Change means that you are listening and showing up in really big and impactful kinds of ways. Change means that you are willing to make mistakes. Change means that you are eager to try again because you know that your ideas and your thoughts are oh so worth it.

How this week will look.

Change can be a welcome sight, we just have to make sure we keep reminding ourselves of all the reasons why. And with all of that said, this week I would like to talk about just this: Change and everything that goes with. Adapting, adjusting, and rearranging. Clearing out and making room for less (not every empty space needs to be filled!).

This week I want to give yourself permission to change something that no longer feels right, because even if small, we all usually have something that we’re ready to let go of. And in honor of this weeks topic, and this months focus, I am going to be posting either a piece of video or audio content on here tomorrow instead of doing our live FB call.

For one, I’m still feeling things out and seeing what works best, and two, I will be heading back up north to finish glazing the mugs, and doing a live call while driving I’m quite sure is very illegal!

So do check back in tomorrow for week four’s content, where I will also be highlighting aspect of what you can expect from the membership come May.

All my love,