The Daily Adventure: Thoughts By Emily Bulson

The Daily Adventure, thoughts by Emily Bulson

I’m perched at a bar stool smack dab in the middle of my favorite coffee shop. It’s been a busy few days. Days full of appointments and opinions circling said appointments. I value these opinions. I encourage these opinions, but sometimes, and usually more often than not, I need to be reminded of the bigger picture.

Which usually (almost always) leads me to a decision that feels right. At least mostly so.

It takes something like ‘The Daily Adventure,’ a piece by Emily Bulson, to stand as that reminder. A reminder to not take for granted the moments in between. I like to think of it as zooming outside of my immediate bubble and looking at my world from a birds-eye view.

So here we go, no bypassing and straight on through, doing your best to not carry any extra weight as we go.

I wake up with a big yawn, trying to hide my sensitive eyes from the light pouring through my window. I stretch my hands above my head hearing all sorts of cracks and pops, which I’ve slowly grown accustomed to, and plant my achy feet on the floor ready to start the day. I slowly walk to the kitchen and grab my smoothie packed with every vegetable you can imagine.

Once finished, I weakly walk to my bedroom and throw on a pair of jeans and my favorite T-shirt, realizing I won’t have the energy to shower today. Armed with sunglasses, water, and noise canceling headphones, I start my daily adventure of living a normal life in a not-so-normal body.

The day continues, being filled with multiple ibuprofens, naps, and green juices. I look out my window, observing how late it’s gotten, and I start to feel the oh-so familiar ache in my knees followed by a type of exhaustion I know way too well. Walking through my front door, I grab a nutritious snack, and then head straight for the comfort of my warm bed. As I start to doze off, I think back through my day, wishing some moments had never happened and congratulating myself on the few things I accomplished. I take a big breath in, letting it out slowly.

“Another day in the books” I say to myself, ready for the new adventures the next day holds.

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