The Colors We See: The Importance of Sharing What You Love + Why You Choose to Live a Life More Than

One step

Crunch, uneven ground, burnt yellow and orange, dark slate, and pastel green sage engulf my feet.

I stand perfectly still, watching the silence rise up around me.

Two steps

I'm walking, arms swinging in the crips air, the silence I felt moments before falls away as the world comes alive with the rise of the big white moon.

Three steps

Back last against the dry earth, trees tower above my floating mind.

I'm small, cradled in power, in a force kept secret by the colors and the sounds and the critters of the woods. 

Four steps

Pushing against the wind, I lean

Hair whipping from side to side, I turn around and around and around until I sway and collapse, dizzy with joy.

Wild as this place is, I can't help but feel most at home when I take but one step into the open air, cold water, windswept hillside, and dried desert flowers, whispering secrets to the animals and the juniper trees with the ash blue berries. 

So I ask you, what colors do you see + how do you choose to share your story?

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