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And Just Like That: A Visual Diary From a Last Minute Trip To Summer Lake, OR.

And just like that, there we were 

Bumpy earth and heavy thoughts, clinging on to moments past,
preparing ourselves to let go 

We made it happen
We came together
we heard the call for silence in a world filled with chaos

For just one night
we will turn our backs to the blue hue of the towering mountains

For just one night
we will usher in the golden hues of desert,
watching the fields dance their way from horizon to horizon

And that's all you need, really,
just one night 

Just one night to remember why you're here:
To lead with your curiosity rather than your doubts 

To carry with you to bed, the light of day,
rather than the dark of night.

To run wild and free with the hearts you love,
both beating and still

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