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Being Nowhere

I just practiced yoga. It was amazing, so naturally I now feel amazing. I am in Hayfork, California. It has been cloudy for the past couple days, when finally out of nowhere, patches of blue sky and sunlight fill the world around me. It took many months for yoga to feel like something I wanted to do every day. Sure, I always felt amazing afterwards, and the idea of doing it every day seemed very appealing…but I didn’t have that drive. Now come 2 o’clock, if I haven’t done yoga yet, I get this itching feeling like I have not reached the fullest potential of my day. Then I do it and BAM, all is well.

As my stay in the wilderness of California continues, I realize that there is something incredible about being in the middle of nowhere. It’s hard to describe (unless you’re actually in the middle of nowhere) but I’ll give it a try.

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Slowing Down

I look out over a muddy lawn. Raindrops cover the trees and puddles fill the street. A part of me feels like I am back in Seattle, where the constant grey skies refuse to let you know what time of day it is. All I need is a glimpse of the sun, something to show me that this fog will clear from my head, and that all will go back to normal. It has been nearly a month since I was in Mexico for Thanksgiving, which seems practically impossible! Just yesterday I was waking up to the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez, and watching the sunset from the small town of Todos Santos. Since I grew up in the Northwest, I should be well accustomed to this constant grey, but for some reason I can't shake it off. I want the sun to wake me up and show me that each day is full of so much light.

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