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An Unspoken Understanding: Elli and Melissa Chase Sunlight Through The Olympic Peninsula

When Melissa (@mellypeacox) came to Washington a few weeks back for her Lyme treatment, I already had a plan in mind to adventure together. We'd stock some good snacks, fill the car with blankets, string twinkly lights in the back for dreamy vibes, have a solid playlist, and just go. Find all the things and do all the things, because those days are always good days. They can make you feel alive when you need it most, especially when it's hard to remember life outside of just being sick.

The untouched wild of the Olympics and Cascades are what drew me to Seattle, and are what keep me here (despite an entire family 3,000 miles away). Despite sometimes having really hard days (and missing my mom). The pull of adventure, specifically amongst these mountains, fuel and fill my soul in the deepest way.

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Sharing Our Story, Being Present, and Making Magic: A Fall Picnic Adventure With Charlotte

Carrots and Beets baked, branches and the last of the lavender foraged, blankets, napkins, cutlery, chairs, and bags packed carefully between baskets, cameras, and treasured goods; the feeling of Fall hung heavy in the air as we climbed into the car, readying ourselves for a day filled with spontaneity, vulnerable conversations, moments captured, antique finds, and a collective understanding that great things happen when we we allow ourselves to be seen.

When we show up and dedicate our every thought, idea, and physical movement to this very moment. 

When we recognize that being present takes a certain type of dedication. A dedication that lends itself well to mishaps and set backs. To mistakes being made and being ok with not always being ok, because being present isn't something you should stress over, but rather, something you should strive for. Something to lean into when we've found it, and let go of when it is just out of reach.

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The End Of An Era: Leaning In Close To Life On Tuckaway Farm, While Trying To Adapt To Life Without It

You know that feeling that when you leave a place behind, it takes a part of you with it? Or rather, you leave a part of yourself behind. Well, I'm beginning to think that that piece is something you bring with you, that you are taking with you, in your very core, the many things that place showed you.

You are taking with you the way that place made you feel, and that in itself is more than enough to keep it's echo ever-present. 

No matter how lost I felt, or what stage I was at in my life, Tuckaway, and everyone that inhabited it, had a way of bringing me back home. You know, the kind of home that is always with you. The kind of home that can often go missing, feel distant, or disappear for a awhile

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And Just Like That: A Visual Diary From a Last Minute Trip To Summer Lake, OR.

And just like that, there we were 

Bumpy earth and heavy thoughts, clinging on to moments past,
preparing ourselves to let go 

We made it happen
We came together
we heard the call for silence in a world filled with chaos

For just one night
we will turn our backs to the blue hue of the towering mountains

For just one night
we will usher in the golden hues of desert,
watching the fields dance their way from horizon to horizon

And that's all you need, really,
just one night 

Just one night to remember why you're here:
To lead with your curiosity rather than your doubts 

To carry with you to bed, the light of day,
rather than the dark of night.

To run wild and free with the hearts you love,
both beating and still

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Coffee, Rapids, and Yoga: Life On The Rogue River

The sun rose early, draping itself over the trees, rocky earth, and lastly, the rushing river. I held my coffee close, cradling it against my body, eager to soak up every last drop of cool morning air before the sun touched my toes, arms, and eventually face. Which is also right around when the coffee loses its magic, giving way to a day filled with uninterrupted fun.  

There's nothing quite like it. The still of the earth and sound of silence echoing in your ears. 

Every year, as the date of the raft trip nears, I think about just how much my body craves this time away from routine. Away from the piece of paper that I keep on my desk, reminding me of all the bills I have yet to pay, doctor visits I need to schedule, and supplements I have yet to take. 

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Back On The Road: First Camping Trip Of 2016

I used to think that in order to see new things, experience new places, and meet new people, I had to travel abroad. I had to save, work, save some more, and buy a plane ticket to a place thousands and thousands of miles from my home, and though my yearning for ten hour plane rides is still a very, very real thing, there has been a shift in the way I view adventure. 

All of those things that I mentioned above, they surround you. They are right there, waiting for the moment you step foot outside your front door. 

I had my pills counted and put in their proper containers, snacks in the front seat, bags packed and puzzled together in the back (honestly, Adam did the majority of this), gas tank filled, and coffee placed in the center console.

It was time for an adventure, and my gosh I couldn't wait to get going! 

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