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The Daily Adventure: Thoughts By Emily Bulson

I’m perched at a bar stool smack dab in the middle of my favorite coffee shop. It’s been a busy few days. Days full of appointments and opinions circling said appointments. I value these opinions. I encourage these opinions, but sometimes, and usually more often than not, I need to be reminded of the bigger picture.

Which usually (almost always) leads me to a decision that feels right. At least mostly so.

It takes something like ‘The Daily Adventure,’ a piece by Emily Bulson, to stand as that reminder. A reminder to not take for granted the moments in between

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Do What Makes You Feel Good: Kourtney's Message to Her Younger Self + How She's Approaching Life After Two Months Spent Traveling New Zealand

As I write this I feel a bit like I’ve traveled back the 18th century,

Although the light comes from a battery powered head lamp flickering from the flapping tarp above me. The words flow from clicking keys instead of feather dipped ink. It's raining just enough induce calm, but the obnoxious wind manages to keep me awake. Occasional lighting strikes periodically steal my attention, counting the seconds until thunder. Finally, immersed in this beautiful night, I regenerate my intuition and creative thoughts. Expanding upon the last four months’ lessons learned and watching it grow deeper roots and strong stems within my thoughts.

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