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Loving Yourself

Hello again, world! Here I am, sitting on my red cushion in front of a roaring fire. Despite my health, I couldn't be more happy with how things are going. The stress of moving is now over, and we're finally settled into our new home.

I've been neglecting my blog recently. Not on purpose, but the prospect of writing has been difficult, as well as challenging. I'm back on tinidazole, a medication I was taking when my symptoms first started coming back in September, 2014. Basically it is designed to go into my brain and stop further growth of any bacterial infections, and in this case: the Lyme spirochete.

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I love the changing of seasons, especially when they hit you so unexpectedly. Night before last, fall turned into winter without any warning at all. I awoke to the dim early morning light, and before even looking out the window I could feel the snowy silence enveloping me in its stillness. Slippers on I scurried over to the window, immediately sending out a text to all of my family members, "Look everyone, it snows here!" As I start to boil water for tea, my mind begins to wander into dangerously crafty corners. To encourage this craftiness, I go upstairs to light my favorite candles--that's it! I will make homemade candles and soap today. Maybe even venture out into the snow.

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