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Coffee, Rapids, and Yoga: Life On The Rogue River

The sun rose early, draping itself over the trees, rocky earth, and lastly, the rushing river. I held my coffee close, cradling it against my body, eager to soak up every last drop of cool morning air before the sun touched my toes, arms, and eventually face. Which is also right around when the coffee loses its magic, giving way to a day filled with uninterrupted fun.  

There's nothing quite like it. The still of the earth and sound of silence echoing in your ears. 

Every year, as the date of the raft trip nears, I think about just how much my body craves this time away from routine. Away from the piece of paper that I keep on my desk, reminding me of all the bills I have yet to pay, doctor visits I need to schedule, and supplements I have yet to take. 

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