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Less Than 24 Hours In The Desert, a Few Wrong Turns, and Thoughts On Knowing When To Get Out Of Your Own Way In Order To Do What You Love

When you head east from Bend you are immersed in sagebrush and juniper trees that get shorter by the mile, soon landing yourself in a place that feels almost other worldly; a desolate and unforgiving landscape scattered with boulders and distant patches of green where a spring or stream meets the dry tan-hued desert. With farms scattered here and there, and cattle crossings around nearly every corner, the mind is given time to wander between where you are, where you're going, and the moment that you just left behind, which turns out to land itself somewhere in the present. 

With the music playing quietly in the background, I dive into this in between world, noticing just how much I crave this place as I look over to see Sheila taking a midday snooze in the passenger seat. 

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A Place To Call Home: Five Days Of Treatment, Two Nights Solo Camping On The Coast Of California, and One Book

Hand shielding my eyes from the sun, I look out over the blue nothingness that makes up this magnificent ocean as I begin to list off the above, forgiving myself for the things I still hold onto, the decisions I've made or failed to make, and the unique and often times terrifying way this life of mine has unfolded. The result? I am truly lucky... 

Lucky to have these moments to look back on, and lucky to feel strong enough to share this moment with myself.

Lucky to be afraid of what the future holds while being wrapped in the humbleness of this one.

Lucky to be receiving treatment and answers to why I feel this way, reminding myself that the happiness and fulfillment part, that's up to me, Lyme or no Lyme. 

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A Travel Diary Through Europe

This Certainly Has Been A Long Time Coming 

Flash Back (Two Years Ago): The last trip I went on while going through heavy treatment was to Mexico nearly two years ago, which included crossing the boarder with a cardboard box half my size, full of medicine and saline, getting stopped every 500 feet to be patted down by security, just to be sure that I wasn't smuggling drugs through the tube in my arm. You know, the usual travel setbacks. 

Flash Forward (A Week Before The Trip): As the days to our departure neared, I began to feel a little nervous, anxious, and unsure of whether or not I was up for such a trip, not to mention, hopping from bus to taxi, taxi to ferry, ferry to train, and train to rental car conjured up quite the image...

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