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When Things Don’t Go As Planned: And Just Like That, We’re Pushing Back the Date of Our Second More Than Lyme Adventure

Dear Community,

This was not a post I had planned on writing, and even as I type out these very fragile words (what words aren't, fragile?), I toy with the idea of backing out. Of retracing my steps to last night, before the meltdown and before my conversation with my mom and Adam. 

But instead, I sit; my legs are crossed and there's a heated summer breeze reminding me to breathe slowly--move slowly. To stop filling a beautifully empty space full of possibility with more deadlines and to do's. 

I didn't see this coming, in fact, the phrase, "what if I pushed back the date,"kind of exploded out of me after a series of paces from one end of the house to another; these kinds of decisions are not stumbled upon lightly, but rather,  like an all too dramatic toe stub and overreaction to how you reacted, "oh my gosh, why does it hurt so much, it's only a stubbed toe!"It happened, I felt it, the relief of feeling it, and the sting of realizing that the conclusion I had come to would take an extremely un-Chloe-like act of rebellion. 

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The Portland Adventure: More Than Lyme's First Event

This post has been sitting on the tip of every thought and intention since we packed our belongings and left Portland on March 5th, after a weekend spent with all of you. 

It's a want-to-be novel; a tightly bound experience bursting at the seams!

This is always the hardest part, isn't it? I've never felt immediate comfort from the initial stroke of a pen or *click click* of a keyboard as I sit down to share, but here we are. Here we always are, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

There's a longing for the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from putting this word here and this one here. From taking myself out of the limitations I feel right now and into the nervous-excitement-and-oh-my-gosh-this-could-all-go-terribly-wrong of the night before, the week before, the month before we all walked into that little space in Portland.

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Do What Makes You Feel Good: Kourtney's Message to Her Younger Self + How She's Approaching Life After Two Months Spent Traveling New Zealand

As I write this I feel a bit like I’ve traveled back the 18th century,

Although the light comes from a battery powered head lamp flickering from the flapping tarp above me. The words flow from clicking keys instead of feather dipped ink. It's raining just enough induce calm, but the obnoxious wind manages to keep me awake. Occasional lighting strikes periodically steal my attention, counting the seconds until thunder. Finally, immersed in this beautiful night, I regenerate my intuition and creative thoughts. Expanding upon the last four months’ lessons learned and watching it grow deeper roots and strong stems within my thoughts.

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A Place To Call Home: Five Days Of Treatment, Two Nights Solo Camping On The Coast Of California, and One Book

Hand shielding my eyes from the sun, I look out over the blue nothingness that makes up this magnificent ocean as I begin to list off the above, forgiving myself for the things I still hold onto, the decisions I've made or failed to make, and the unique and often times terrifying way this life of mine has unfolded. The result? I am truly lucky... 

Lucky to have these moments to look back on, and lucky to feel strong enough to share this moment with myself.

Lucky to be afraid of what the future holds while being wrapped in the humbleness of this one.

Lucky to be receiving treatment and answers to why I feel this way, reminding myself that the happiness and fulfillment part, that's up to me, Lyme or no Lyme. 

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An Unspoken Understanding: Elli and Melissa Chase Sunlight Through The Olympic Peninsula

When Melissa (@mellypeacox) came to Washington a few weeks back for her Lyme treatment, I already had a plan in mind to adventure together. We'd stock some good snacks, fill the car with blankets, string twinkly lights in the back for dreamy vibes, have a solid playlist, and just go. Find all the things and do all the things, because those days are always good days. They can make you feel alive when you need it most, especially when it's hard to remember life outside of just being sick.

The untouched wild of the Olympics and Cascades are what drew me to Seattle, and are what keep me here (despite an entire family 3,000 miles away). Despite sometimes having really hard days (and missing my mom). The pull of adventure, specifically amongst these mountains, fuel and fill my soul in the deepest way.

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