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Sharing Our Story, Being Present, and Making Magic: A Fall Picnic Adventure With Charlotte

Carrots and Beets baked, branches and the last of the lavender foraged, blankets, napkins, cutlery, chairs, and bags packed carefully between baskets, cameras, and treasured goods; the feeling of Fall hung heavy in the air as we climbed into the car, readying ourselves for a day filled with spontaneity, vulnerable conversations, moments captured, antique finds, and a collective understanding that great things happen when we we allow ourselves to be seen.

When we show up and dedicate our every thought, idea, and physical movement to this very moment. 

When we recognize that being present takes a certain type of dedication. A dedication that lends itself well to mishaps and set backs. To mistakes being made and being ok with not always being ok, because being present isn't something you should stress over, but rather, something you should strive for. Something to lean into when we've found it, and let go of when it is just out of reach.

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