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Lasting Friendships Found Through Unlikely Adventures: The Momentum That Brought Us Here

I’m quite certain that there’s no introduction that will satisfy.

No start, middle, or end to this adventure that could possibly match the giddiness that we felt at 4am as our snacks were assembled, coffee poured (and undoubtedly spilled from sleepiness), and animated conversation, in short, over where we stand with the likes of country music.

It was a friendship started by way of a single common thread; a commonality soon expanding into something entirely whole, messy, and unfinished—not a single expectation in sight, simply unwavering support.

From a nervously typed hello, banking on the chances of the response, let alone friendship, being one in infinity, to adventures in Portland, Bend, and at the top of a mountain, the momentum that brought us here will no doubt bring us there, and everywhere in-between.

This piece is written by Kourtney and myself, while being paired Elli’s ability to document a feeling.

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