Do What Makes You Feel Good: Kourtney's Message to Her Younger Self + How She's Approaching Life After Two Months Spent Traveling New Zealand

As I write this I feel a bit like I’ve traveled back the 18th century,

Although the light comes from a battery powered head lamp flickering from the flapping tarp above me. The words flow from clicking keys instead of feather dipped ink. It's raining just enough induce calm, but the obnoxious wind manages to keep me awake. Occasional lighting strikes periodically steal my attention, counting the seconds until thunder. Finally, immersed in this beautiful night, I regenerate my intuition and creative thoughts. Expanding upon the last four months’ lessons learned and watching it grow deeper roots and strong stems within my thoughts.

Settling back into my hometown hasn’t left much room for processing the journey I just walked through. I find myself looking at the mountains I've had the pleasure of seeing since the day I was born, in awe of the sheer beauty right here, in my hometown. We have long bucket lists, some physical, some floating in the back of our minds. But when it comes down to it, travel is not always about seeing, but feeling. Evolving. Expanding. And, what I find the most accurate to my journey, shedding everything our own culture has put upon us. Upon me.

Kourtney Wellette Update

Me. Under all those rules, suggestions, influential advertisements, so-called-fashion-tips, is me. The little girl who loves pretty pink flowers and rolling in the mud equally. The girl who tried to make perfume out of wildflowers (or were they weeds?) and dig her way to China. Traveling helps me reconnect with her.

Every culture has a different way of doing everything, so by immersing yourself in forging ways of life you gain a more unique and grounded perspective on the world.  

Thus forcing me to step down from the cultural expectations I am accustomed to and learn minimize the unrealistic and unnecessary expectations I put upon myself.

I guess what I am trying to say is;

YOU ARE NOT WRONG for your spiritual practices, for your choice of survival as you take on the world and your definition of happiness.

We all (hopefully) have different unique focuses to achieve our various goals, but (what I am quickly learning) is everything is not an achievable goal, based upon our priorities and when making our list of priorities exclude the ones driven by pleasing others. Though there are choices, or mistakes, that will move you further from your focus, steps that do move you forward, stop tearing them apart and comparing them to others. YOU are writing the rules and the only way to write them wrong is to copy someone else.

Like a child learning to dress themselves, put on your favorite camp t-shirt, with a pair of sparkling green corduroy pants, moms red lip stick, and your favorite exploring sneakers, all they have in mind is what makes them feel good.

Want to find out more about Kourtney? Well, she is an incredible writer, and has written for us several times here + here about her two month adventure through New Zealand, and now we're lucky enough to have her write this update for us. Also, she has a blog where she shares more of her work, but it's currently "under renovation," so stay tuned on that front! 

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