A Travel Diary Through Europe

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This Certainly Has Been A Long Time Coming 

Flash Back (Two Years Ago): The last trip I went on while going through heavy treatment was to Mexico nearly two years ago, which included crossing the boarder with a cardboard box half my size, full of medicine and saline, getting stopped every 500 feet to be patted down by security, just to be sure that I wasn't smuggling drugs through the tube in my arm. You know, the usual travel setbacks. 

Flash Forward (A Week Before The Trip): As the days to our departure neared, I began to feel a little nervous, anxious, and unsure of whether or not I was up for such a trip, not to mention, hopping from bus to taxi, taxi to ferry, ferry to train, and train to rental car conjured up quite the image.

I mean, how in the world was I going to hold up? Sure, the PICC line was no longer in me, but that feeling of angst, fear, and panic still dug deep into the core of who I was, and how I viewed myself on an adventure so grand I could barely wrap my head around the idea of it, let alone it actually happening. 

En Route (Here Goes Nothing!): We boarded a place from Seattle to London, and from their we made our way down to Brighton, England, up towards Yorkshire, and eventually crossing into Scotland. As we wound our way through the highlands, we found ourselves exploring Glen Coe, Isle of Skye, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and eventually over towards Hull, where we would be taking the ferry to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. From there, we headed south (a lengthy 9+ hour journey) towards Saint Gervais, France, a town nestled in the foothills of the towering French Alps. It was there that we spent a luxurious week listening to cow bells, getting stuck behind an avalanche, finding the best local cafes, reading, exploring, and eating lots of delicious food in our adorable temporary home. 


Upon Our Arrival Home (Beginning of June): Well, I did it! I actually did it, and funnily enough I managed to escape this endeavor without a single breakdown. Not only that, but I regained a sense of surety, wonderment, and confidence, parts of myself that hadn't seen in years! So, needless to say, upon my arrival home, I felt this need to share it all. Every last smell, sight, emotion, insight, and feeling with you.

However, my body was having none of it; the pressure that I put on myself to share every last detail was too much, and at that, I kept my bags packed, photos unedited, and many of the thoughts, ideas, and emotions to myself, patiently waiting for the right moment for my creativity to step back into the spotlight. 

July 12th, 2016 (This Very Moment): Here I am, more ready than I have ever been to put myself out there in ways that a month ago, even a couple weeks ago, would have felt like too much. Not only that, but I've decided to try sharing this story in a slightly different way, leaving even more space for future projects!

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About The Process: 

In The Making: Clips were filmed on an iPhone 5, Sony a6000, Sony a7000, as well as an Osmo device by myself, and Adam Mckibben

Music Clips From: Casiotone Waltz/Nic Bommarito), Something/Kai Engel, Trophy Endorphins/Andy G. Cohen.

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Video was created by yours truly!

Hope you enjoy.

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