The past couple weeks have been absolutely stunning here in Bend, Oregon. It's hard for me to do anything but be a tourist in my own town. So while my boyfriend Adam was away for the weekend, his dog Kona was left in the care of yours truly! While we were out on our little escapades, I realized how important getting out into the wilderness really was. It allows some time for my brain to clear, and my mind to rest. Especially if I am feeling jumbled or packed full of busy thoughts, putting myself in the sunshine for an hour or so can do wonders for my soul! I would recommend this completely free remedy to anyone who is having a busy or troubled day. Just take a second and breath in this amazing fresh air!

Day One: I took Kona to the Badlands, a wilderness area perfect for a dog like Kona. One who doesn't exactly love the company of other dogs, all he needs in life is a place to run and his favorite people (food too of course). I could sense the excitement in my small adventure companion as we neared our regulary secluded spot. As soon as the doors opened Kona bolted off to begin his mission: to claim the entire area as his, and his alone.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a camera on this expedition, something I wish to approve upon because you never know when you'll run into a beautiful spot, or crazy adventure. So next time I do, I would like to be fully prepared.

I walked slowly soaking in the radiant late winter sun, while the little black dot (Kona) darted between the shrubbery and juniper trees. The smell of sage and crisp air soaked into my skin, I felt warmed and happy from desert sun. Once we got back to the truck, Kona promptly flopped himself in the shade beneath a bush; my mission for the day was complete.

Day two:

I had it all planned out. I would wake up and make coffee, do yoga then proceed south towards China Hat road. Another wonderful area if you're looking for a place near Bend that isn't always a dog party. This time I remembered the camera, only realizing that my subject was very hard to capture on film. So when I could I would snap a picture of him; meanwhile I had to get creative and take pictures of a landscape that consisted of dead tress and some dry shrubbery. It turned out to be incredibly challenging and fun! It does make you notice and appreciate more of the little things in nature.

On the third and final day Kona decided to run off and eat the remains of a dead animal. This resulted in the the trip being cut short due to my emotions getting the best of me.

Once Adam got back from his weekend trip, we began planning more outings for the following week. One of the many good things about adventuring with Adam is he never ever forgets the camera, and is extremely good at capturing beautiful things--which in turn encourages me to do the same. That all being said, there are more Konaventures coming soon...