Being Nowhere

I just practiced yoga. It was amazing, so naturally I now feel amazing. I am in Hayfork, California. It has been cloudy for the past couple days, when finally out of nowhere, patches of blue sky and sunlight fill the world around me. It took many months for yoga to feel like something I wanted to do every day. Sure, I always felt amazing afterwards, and the idea of doing it every day seemed very appealing…but I didn’t have that drive. Now come 2 o’clock, if I haven’t done yoga yet, I get this itching feeling like I have not reached the fullest potential of my day. Then I do it and BAM, all is well.

As my stay in the wilderness of California continues, I realize that there is something incredible about being in the middle of nowhere. It’s hard to describe (unless you’re actually in the middle of nowhere) but I’ll give it a try.

Imagine yourself, now zoom out and keep going.

Keep going until you’re above the trees, mingling with the birds. Keep going up and up, but be sure that you can still envision yourself, sitting there as that now tiny dot. Once you have gone above the treetops and reached the clouds, you may stop or keep going, depending on how small and alone (this is a good thing) you wish to feel. Finally, sit back and get comfy. Look at yourself, all that nothingness around you that wraps you up like the coziest Pendleton blanket. Remain there as long as you wish, looking north, south, east and west--all around you. Sure, you may eventually hit a town or city, but then go back to that nothingness; here you can take your imagination anywhere--to what the creatures are doing beneath the brush, or how many airplanes there are flying overhead. Your imagination is what has taken you here, and it has given you the choice to leave at any moment. But if you let it take over, you may want to stay for minutes, hours or even days. This might not be possible, and realistically for anyone these days, it is not. However, anytime you are feeling lost, I dare you to do this. Remove yourself from your body and look at the bigger picture. I guarantee that your view on yourself, and the world around you will become much clearer.