Hello all!

My name is chloe (the founder of this community) & I can’t Thank you enough for stopping by.

Why am I here? In 2001, roughly, I contracted Lyme, and for the majority of my life I chose not to talk about it. In fact, for 14 years I ran away from, rather than trying to face the darn thing. Which is where you can find me now. Facing it all, re-framing how I view myself, the world around, and what I tell myself I can and can’t do. Essentially, I’m writing a new narrative around self & hoping that you’ll come along with, sharing your story as I share mine.

Why are we here? Because we believe in the power of voice through adventure and story telling. And it’s through that that we hope to raise awareness of Lyme Disease and all that comes with.

We are here to share the great many reasons why we choose to live fully, no matter the obstacles, and I'd say that's a pretty amazing place to be.  

Find out more about…

I’d love to know, what makes you more than?

For me? It's always been about the in-between moments & the ones so often overlooked.  

I'm most at home when writing, traveling, and in the garden or kitchen with my family (pets included), though if I can combine any combination of the above, I might just possibly explode.

I thrive in the outdoors, proudly wearing the badge of  "outdoorsy" in the non-traditional sense: Sitting on a mountain between some wildflowers, hopefully there's a stream running nearby, and with a basket, gifted to me by my grandpa, filled with paints, postcard sized painting paper, notebooks, and books. And most likely my camera, where I'd happily be documenting little video snippets of  this moment. 

I do like hiking, quite a bit in fact, but if you were to ask me where I'm most myself, it would be between those wildflowers. 

I absorb things easily (be it emotions or lotion) and write often about the process of processing. And though I don't tend to own a lot of things, I cannot and will not budge on books, old postcards and letters, ceramic mugs, my moms tiles, baskets, and candles. 

The car I drive, Little Blue, is my favorite adventure partner (but there are many close seconds).

Community and connection is everything, and since starting the More Than Lyme Adventures (in-person gatherings/events), this rings more true than ever. 

Digging up potatoes, chipped doorways with weeds growing in and around it's leaning frame, the sound of frogs at Tuckaway Farm, rushing of a river, and preferably while rafting, the first cherry tomato of the season, and watching my dog romp through the desert, are just a few of my favorite things. Also, Scotland, it's pure magic, and if I were to live anywhere else it would have to be the Isle of Lewis in the outer Hebrides. You'd find me surfing the pristine beaches by day and writing in a stone cottage on the hillside by night. 

Ok, that's enough about me! I'd love to hear from you.