About More Than Lyme

About Us

We are a community dedicated to raising awareness of Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses through our mutual love for adventure, story telling, and the outdoors. With each adventure taken, and each story told, we grow stronger as a community and together we are more than.

The Beginning

More Than Lyme was created as a way for me (Chloe, the founder) to start sharing snippets of my experiences with Lyme and what I had learned, but it ended up turning into much more than that.

It ended up changing the way I not only view myself, but this illness and what it has done for me; though devastating, Lyme Disease has taught me to keep creating alongside healing. Rather, to not let the complexities and obstacles of this disease take complete control of my life, and in turn, allowing my mind and body to explore places it used to only dream of. 

This community is what it is because of you, and with that said, I hope you will continue too follow along, reach out whenever you feel inclined to do so, and share your story in a way that works for you.  

All my love,


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