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We are a community dedicated to raising awareness of Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses through our mutual love for adventure, story telling, and the outdoors. With each adventure taken, and each story told, we grow stronger as a community and together we are more than...

Photo By: Adam Mckibben

Photo By: Adam Mckibben

Chloe O'Neill, Founder

Home For 18 Years: A small Island called, Vashon, located just outside of Seattle, Washington.

What fuels me: Family, community, curiosity, travel, creating, little adventures, and writing. 

A Brief History: After graduating high school, living in Britain, and coming back to try and make Seattle my home, I found (a few panic attacks, school drop outs, and the strain that Lyme Disease put on my life...) that maybe I needed to take a new, and different direction. That being the case, I decided to pack up my things, buy a car, quit my job, and move myself down to beautiful Bend, Oregon. Which I now proudly call my home of two years and counting.

More Than Lyme: Began as a way for me to share and keep track of my adventures while being treated for Lyme Disease, but eventually, More Than Lyme became more than just my "online diary," it became a place for me to connect, and for the rest of the community battling Lyme, to share their story. It became a place where we show the world just how much more than Lyme we really are. 

If you're looking to contact me personally, or regarding MTL, please email me at,

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Photo By: Elli Doran

Photo By: Elli Doran

Aly Shwedo, Co-Creator

Home For 17 Years: Born and raised in a neighborhood north of Atlanta, GA called Woodstock.

What Fuels Me: Travel, foreign cultures, exploration, writing, and dogs. 

A Brief History: After graduating high school, I moved to Savannah, GA to pursue my degree in Political Science. I took two trips to Europe- one to Ireland and Wales and the other to the Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovakia. Ever since then, I've been on a mission to explore all over this planet. 

More Than Lyme: Started off as a source of inspiration for me. I even had my own feature! I've had Lyme Disease for over ten years and I deeply understand the need for a supportive and uplifting community. When my desire for inspiration grew into a passion to create and give back, Chloe asked to partner up I'm beyond excited to connect with everyone, provide a medium to share your stories, and create! 

You can email me for questions or just to chat at any time at:! Connect with me: Instagram + Blog

Photo By: Chloe O'Neill 

Photo By: Chloe O'Neill 

Melissa Cox, Creative Director

Home: Texas - I'm a bit nomadic at the moment and split my time between North Texas (near Denton) and Austin (with very frequent visits to Seattle, WA.) I grew up on a ranch in a small town in North Texas, spent six years in Austin for university + post-grad life, eventually made a little island on the gulf coast called Port Aransas my "homebase" for two years, and now I'm currently spending a lot of time in Austin again. I'm open to new adventures!

What fuels me: Learning, exploring, natural medicine, energetic healing, writing, singing, my pups, meeting soul mates, and sharing life stories. (And acai bowls and raw coconut water!)

A Brief History: After graduating from the University of Texas, I started a music PR consultancy called Music Box Media. I worked with musicians and artistic clients from Austin, NYC, and Portland. While I’ll always be grateful for those years, my health crashed in 2012, and I had to move back with my family to heal. I’ve been holistically healing from chronic illness (Lyme disease + associated infections) for over three years. I’m really excited for my future, albeit cloudy at the moment, and plan to study alternative medicine so I can help people through their own physical and emotional struggles. 

More Than Lyme: Chloe found me when she started the More than Lyme movement through Instagram. She bought one of my #LymeDontKillMyVibe tanks and we started chatting through IG. I instantly fell in love with the MTL mission, her adventures, and raw story-telling. I knew this was exactly the kind of community I’d been needing. Aly and Chloe are now two of my closest friends and I so grateful to be able to create with them.

Find Melissa At:  Instagram + Lipstick Warpaint Blog 

And then of course, there's all of you...

Thank you for being part of this community, we couldn't do it without you.

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