Here’s what you can expect from our second annual event.


  • Saturday: 10am-6pm

  • Sunday: 10am-5pm

  • Monday: 11am-2pm


  • May 11 & 12th: Our new space is in the Rino District: 3810 Williams Street, Denver, CO 80205. There is will be sign out front letting you know where to go!

  • Monday the 13th: We will be meeting at the “Trading Post Trail” (address: 17900 Trading Post Rd, Morrison, CO 80465) at 11am the Monday following the event for a little outdoor adventure with our two speakers, Hannah & Al.

Why these events?

We believe in the power of in-person connection.

That’s why we want to invite you (yes, you) to our event this spring, where you’ll be supported, uplifted, and inspired by others who know what it’s like to be presented with obstacle after obstacle. To feel unheard. To be told it’s all in their head.

No one should have to go through this, let alone anything, alone.

Instead of looking at everything that we don’t have, at our More Than Lyme Events, we’ll be celebrating all that we already are, what makes us that way, and how we can encourage more of those facing Lyme Disease, or any other chronic and/or invisible illnesses for that matter, to redefine what it means to lead a meaningful, impactful, fulfilling, inspiring, and creatively-driven life.

What makes us feel alive,

What makes us capable, curious, strong, and empowered,

What makes us more than…   

Let’s get an overview

  • A Polaroid booth, where we can document our time together. There will be plenty of film, so feel free to take photos home with, but we’ll also have a place we can showcase the photos taken last year, as well as this year.

  • Gift bags filled with little treasures made by members of this community! Check below for details on what you might be able to find inside.

  • A tea bar, where you’ll be given a handmade ceramic mug (made by yours truly!) to sip out of, an array of alternative milks, adaptogens, tinctures, and loose leaf tea supplied by Fettle, a local Bend, OR company.

  • Story telling panels, where we’ll first go over the importance of story telling, how we share, and how to we can best get our voices out there, then later in the evening, making room for the stories from all of you to be told (optional, as you will also have room to share what you created later on the MTL blog).

  • Both a grounding meditation & activity rooted in the power of presence with Al Goldman.

  • We will be joined by Hannah Lyal, where she will share her story & touch on movement, the outdoors, and the importance of our relationship with both of those things & how we can better meet ourselves where we are.

  • Elli, our most favorite (ever) photographer & Kourtney, founder of The White Flag Project, will speak from experience as to the basics of true, actionable self-care.

  • Lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, with snacks and refreshments during the day, a happy hour Saturday night, and a well-stocked tea bar throughout (coffee will be available too, of course). You are also free to take meals and snacks outside, making the most of our beautiful garden space!

  • A hands on activity with Sylvie Lam, where we’ll expand on the idea of vision boards, and the benefits of not only working with your hands and creativity in all forms, but having a visual representation of what’s important to you.

  • A continuation of last year’s The Unsent Project, by Rora Blue.

  • A special performance by a very talented someone named Arielle Coree.

  • For some extra fresh air and goodness with speaker Hannah Lyal and Al Goldman, on Monday the 13th, we’ll spend two hours exploring the Trading Post Trail at Red Rocks Park, just outside of Denver.

Breakdown of days

Take note, as things are most finalized but still coming together, there may be changes made. So be sure to check back here for updated information…

& do take note, We’ll be going live on Instagram during our time together

Saturday 11th: 10:30 am, 3:15 pm, and 5:15 pm (MST)
Sunday 12th: 10:30 am. 1:15 pm, and 3:30 pm (MST)
Monday 13th: Around 11 am! (MST)

Head here to tune in come Saturday the 11th of May.

Saturday Schedule

May 11. 10 am-6:30 pm

10:00/10:30 am: Welcome! Grab your ceramic mug from the tea table, let’s hug and say hi, then find yourself a cozy spot on the couch, on the floor, at the table—wherever you feel most comfortable.

  • We’re going to start things off with a grounding meditation and some gentle breath work (all optional, you’re welcome to just enjoy the space with your tea) with Al Goldman, podcast host and yoga teacher.

  • An activity with Sylvie Lam, where we’ll expand on the idea of vision boards, and the benefits of not only working with your hands and creativity in all forms, but having a visual representation of what’s important to you.

12:30/1 pm: Lunch! Be sure to head over to the tea bar and polaroid booth while you wait.

  • The writing workshop, where we’ll first go over the importance of story telling, how we share, and how to we can best get our voices out there. Then we’ll be breaking off into smaller groups, beginning to draft our own to be shared tomorrow afternoon (this is optional and you will be given the opportunity to share this on the More Than Lyme blog if that’s a better fit for you).

  • Elli, our most favorite (ever) photographer & Kourtney, founder of The White Flag Project, will speak from experience as to the basics of true, actionable self-care.

4:30 pm: Happy hour! Including cocktails & mocktails, hors d'oeuvres & if the weather permits, time spent in the incredible garden that we are lucky enough to have access to throughout.

  • A musical performance by Arielle Coree, followed by an interactive journaling exercise.

6:00 pm: Now let’s all get some rest and we’ll be seeing you tomorrow for day TWO of the More Than Lyme Adventures.

Sunday Schedule

May 12. 10 am-5 pm

10:00/10:30 am: Welcome back! Whether or not you took your mug home with you last night or left it here (of which it will be washed and ready for you), head to the tea bar and grab yourself some tea and/or coffee.

  • Hannah Lyal, creative, outdoor enthusiast, and avid adventurer, will be sharing her story while beginning a discussion around movement and nature that we will take into our time together tomorrow (see below).

  • A continuation of The Unsent Project. created by founder, Rora Blue. “The Unsent Project is a collection of unsent text messages that have been submitted anonymously by people all over the world. Last year the Unsent Project came to the More Than Lyme Portland event and provided visitors with the opportunity to write an unfiltered submission to either themselves or their illness. We would like to continue that in Denver this year.”

12:30/1 pm: Lunch! Be sure to head over to the tea bar and polaroid booth while you wait.

  • The Story telling panel, where we’ll be taking the stories that we drafted together yesterday, and creating space for them to be told with the group before wrapping this up for the evening.

  • Where we’re lucky enough to be joined by Al Goldman, this time discussing the ‘Power of Presence.’

  • Last but not least, it’s time for gift bag, this is where all ticket holders for the event will receive an exclusively designed gift bag filled with goodies from local or in-community artists.

5:00 pm: That’s a wrap! We’ll be saying our goodbye’s & exchanging information. If you’re planning to join us tomorrow for our outdoor segment, this will just be a “see you tomorrow!” If not, plan for an extra long hug from me (Chloe, here).

Monday Schedule

May 13. 11 am-2:30 pm

11:00/11:30 am: Meet at the Trading Post Trail! It’s about a 3o minute drive from Denver, so plan accordingly, though we will give wiggle room for arrival times. I’m beyond excited to be integrating the outdoors into our events, even if in small ways.

  • What to wear: Comfy clothes, shoes, bring layers, and a water bottle. We’re partnering with Outdoor Voices, so you can expect a #doingthings hat for sun coverage!

  • Speakers & activity leaders, Hannah Lyal & Al Goldman, will be joining us for a group discussion around our focus for our time together: Not taking things (our minds, body, and what we are instead of aren’t, able to do) for granted, and gratitude for movement and nature. Giving ourselves every reason to see ourselves as the strong and capable humans that we already are.

  • The hike is a 1.4 mile loop, difficulty is considered easy & we will go at a pace that works for everyone. You can find out more about the hike here.

  • Depending on the weather (fingers crossed for nothing but sunshine), we will be closing with a meditation & simple yoga flow and/or easy stretching.

2:00/2:30 pm: Our final goodbyes! Until next time (there will always be a next time).

Event speakers & Activity leaders

Alexandra Goldman is a born and bred New Yorker residing in Los Angeles, CA.


Al is an international yoga and meditation teacher, having travelled throughout Bali and Australia in 2018/19. 

She is an entrepreneur, author, creative strategist and podcast host who thrives on adventure, hiking and spending time outdoors. She is a mindfulness practitioner with over 500hrs of yoga training, spiritual psychology workshops and apprenticeships alongside the worlds' most renown gurus and thought-leaders.

I spoke with Al last year for her Podcast, Rip It Life.

As soon as we hopped on the call I knew that she was going to be part of More Than Lyme in a really big kind of way. As the conversation went on, we touched on her experience with the illness, how she was first diagnosed, what her symptoms were like, and how she moved through them. It was clear just how much she prioritized adventure, even if it meant adjusting expectations. She allowed herself to feel it all, fall apart, be angry, sad, frustrated, and piece it all back together again with patience and forgiveness when faced with more obstacles.

Of course, we touched on much more than that, but since I don't want to give it all away (I’ll let her do that at the event), and the point isn't what she told me but how she shared her story through conversation. How it was about us rather than any one person. How important a role community plays in your health and happiness. In your sense of self. In how you decide to show up on any given day, no matter how difficult. In short, she created a space where stories could be told, expectations dropped, and a new idea of adventure created, and I couldn’t help but want that same feeling to take place at our 2019 event.

To find out more about Al & all the incredible things that she does, head here!

Sylvie was born with creativity in her blood and on her mind.

DSC09861 (1).jpg

She has been fascinated with color and artist expression ever since bringing sketch pads on every vacation and majoring in visual art to survive undergrad.

When she was diagnosed with lyme seven years ago she turned to art as a way to tolerate, digest, and transcend her struggles with illness. Recently she started an instagram to share her process (find her at @inspirochete). For her "real work" Sylvie is a body-oriented therapist and focuses on working with trauma and relationships.

For "fun" Sylvie spends times in the mountains and rivers of colorado, always with the sketch book in tow! 

I remember first seeing Sylvie’s work, we were connected by way of the More Than Lyme community, her wanting to share her story, and myself feeling awe-struck with the amount of feeling someone could convey in a single piece of art. So naturally, her story was shared and I was lucky enough to spend time with not her art but the story behind it all. Why mountains, why painting, why it is so important that we find ways to begin to make sense of it all. Because it will never be entirely “figured out” and we might never land on a conclusion or answer that we’re satisfied with, being able to channel that desire, that want, that need, to put those feeling into something, is incredibly inspiring. Inspiring because it takes persistence—we’re all going to go about this in a different way, but that doesn’t meant that we can’t share in experiences. That we can’t learn from one another.

While always remembering that what works for her, him, and them, might not for you, and that’s ok. There is always going to be a way to take what we’re feeling, and channel it into something—into a symbol or reminder, and we’re lucky enough to do just this with Sylvie at our event this year through a hands on activity rooted in making creativity accessible to all.

To find out more about Sylvie, her work, & all that she does, head here.

Kourntney Speaker More Than Lyme Event 2019
Elli Speaker More Than Lyme Event 2019

Kourtney, founder of the white flag project, and Elli, a fellow creative & photographer, will speak from experience as to the basics of true, actionable self-care.

Touching on the culturally misguided movement perpetuated through social media, what the practice desperately needs to become, the often misunderstood line between professional healthcare and dedicated self-efficacy, and the opportunity for healing when one learns how to best self-advocate.

Ultimately, redefining the understanding of our own health with a necessary shift towards sustainable wellness, and the empowerment that comes with knowing our most centered selves.

These two, they get you. They see you. They listen and listen well. They make room for. They challenge themselves to show up for their bodies and their minds in really profound, inspiring, and lasting ways. They love deeply and are the truest of friends. The kind of people that give a feeling to the definition of the word “friendship,” and I truly don’t know how I got so lucky as to have my world be intertwined with theirs, let alone have them speaking TOGETHER at the event this year. All I can say is that these deep thinkers and heart listeners are going to shake up your world in the best way possible, and if I were to stick around here and tell you all the reasons why, I’d take away from the magic of them showing you through their ability to combine story telling with curiosity and unlikely adventure.

I can wholeheartedly say that there has never been (nor will there every be) a conversation surrounding self-care like the one we will have with these two. Also, both of these photos are by Elli, as well as pretty much all the event photos you see on this website. Yeah, they’re amazing.

To find out more about Elli, head here. And for Kourtney’s happenings, head here.

Hannah Lyal was born and raised in Utah. Loves animals, thai food, and being outside.


And currently, you will find her working at a campsite and discovering a major love for the desert.

She is also the founder of a hiking group called Peak, that raises awareness for autoimmune diseases & mental illness while helping and appreciating the planet.

Some people have a way of making the impossible seem possible and the seemingly inaccessible, entirely attainable. Thinking back on the first time I talked with Hannah, I can’t help but find comfort in the way she talked about things. Her relationship with the outdoors, feeling strong in her body, even when moving it how she knew she could, wished she could, wasn’t an option. She’s also the kind of person that glows and radiates goodness. The kind of person that reminds you of the important stuff just by being around. The sunrises and sunsets. The stars over the desert. The hot rocks that warm you from the inside out. The way adventure isn’t always found on the longest trail or in the tallest mountain, but the way you feel when you open the window on the first day of Spring or pick up flowers from the farmers market.

Adventure can feel like this unreachable goal, especially we have a set idea as to how it is suppose to look or feel, but this weekend, Hannah is going to give us every reason to believe that not only can it be found anywhere, but no matter how it looks or how we feel, we are worthy of having it be part of our lives.

To follow along on Hannah’s adventures, head here.

Arielle Coree is a Podcast Host, speaker, mentor to many, and singer, amongst many other things.

Arielle event speaker 2019 More Than Lyme

And this past November while visiting Denver, we were lucky enough to meet her, as Denver is her new-found home.

While setting up our morning date, She recommended a cafe. Showing up about 10 minutes early, excitedly checking the door and ordering our drinks as we waited for Arielle to arrive, and as soon as she through those doors, she brought a calm with her. A sense of comfort, understanding, and silent and unshakeable support. With our coffee’s in hand, we dove in, covering what felt like every topic in a matter of an hour, possibly less. By the time we said our goodbyes, I had the feeling that she knew me. That she could see right through me (in the best way possible), and to this day, I’m convinced that’s her superpower: Having the ability to make people feel seen, heard, and at home with themselves and their environment, no matter what they might have going on and no matter how they might be feeling.

To have her with us for our second annual event is such a treat. I can’t wait for you to meet her. I can’t wait to collectively celebrate our own superpowers, of which there are many, and to do so alongside her as she shares her story through song and music.

To find out more about all the amazing things that Arielle does, head here.

we invite you to Share your story (IRL).

ED Photo-2136.jpg

Introducing, the storytelling panel.

Where we’ll first cover the how to’s of telling a story, write our own, then have the opportunity to either share it on the blog, or in-person after dinner on Saturday night. There will be several parts to this.

First being a discussion on the why behind story telling and how to do so in a way that feels good to you. Second, we’ll move into the writing workshop, which will take place in smaller groups, with the hope of sharing ideas, drafts, and so forth.

At this point we’ll move into lunch, which will give us room to continue these conversations over all the yummy eats and hopefully sunshine in the garden.

We’ll then dive into other activities, enjoy happy hour, and have our story telling slam at the end of the evening! This is for those of you who wish to share what you came up with earlier that day.

This is entirely optional & know that you will be given the opportunity to also share what you wrote on the More Than Lyme website after the event, if that sounds like a better fit.

Event Made Possible By

All of you

Though much of the time it can just feel like me typing away behind my computer, this has been and always will be a community-run organization. Without you, there is no More Than Lyme. Without you, there wouldn’t be an event in Denver or reason to celebrate all the ways in which we are more than. So thank you for being here, whether that’s in-person at the event, digitally, or through social media, having you part of this is everything and I wouldn’t want to take a moment of it for granted.

Our speakers & those behind the scenes

Everyone from my mom, Cory (the one making sure everyone nourished with the most delicious food and snacks!), dad, brother, sister-in-law, boyfriend, business advisor and dear friend, and cousin, to the speakers that are traveling from all over in order to be with us for the weekend (plus a few sneaky hours the Monday after).

This “thank you” extends to those sharing their stories at the event, as that is no small thing and has a far greater impact than you may know.

And lastly, Elli Doran, speaker and event photographer, is able to document the goodness of our time together through her magic-moment capturing abilities, and we are OH SO GRATEFUL for the time and energy that she puts into it.

gift bags, Event partners, & other contributors

From people, companies, and organizations like Gem, Plant People, Outdoor voices, Blur Street Art, Annie Perkins, Melissa Mary Jenkins, Mighty Well, Wren & Wild, James Michelle Jewelry, Real Food Bar, Global Lyme Alliance, Liv Lyme Foundation, Jenny O’Neill Art, CW Pottery (aka my mom, for the mugs we’ll be getting this year), Sudara, and the list goes on, we are left speechless and unbelievably grateful for the amount of support given from inside and outside of this community.

I hope you know how incredible you all are! And that the above list doesn’t even begin to touch on everyone who has played a role in this. So as more come to light, I will be sure to add them to the list above.


Making sure that you are well fed and taken care of is of utmost importance, and we will absolutely do our best to do so by offering a variety of different snacks and meals for you to choose from. 

It should be noted, that because some of you are paleo, while others vegan, we will be meeting somewhere in the middle with more plant-based options and vegetarian spreads for all to enjoy, and for those that aren’t working around a specific diet, there will be a wide variety of nibbles to choose from!

However, if you want to make sure that there will be food that you can eat or an allergy that might need more explaining, do reach out and let us know. We want to make this work for you as best we can! 

Closer to the event, once we transition from meal planning into meal making, we will be creating menus and detailed descriptions of everything in each dish, that way you will know exactly what you can devour, or avoid. These won’t be available here, but at the venue upon arrival!

Non-Discrimination Policy & Agreement

More Than Lyme is committed to bringing together individuals impacted by Lyme Disease to create a positive community connection while fostering meaningful in-person relationships through shared experiences and health advocacy. Because our community includes people from diverse backgrounds and identities, More Than Lyme is dedicated to creating a safe environment where all of its members and guests feel welcome and treated with respect no matter who they are, where they come from, how they worship, and whom they love. Because of this, we ask that all involved with the More Than Lyme Adventure treat all of our community members and staff with the inclusiveness and respect necessary to promote a safe and healing environment. 

By attending the More Than Lyme Adventure, you are agreeing to help create a safe space for all of our diverse members. Anyone who participates in or condones discriminatory and/or harassing behavior towards any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law will be asked dot leave to ensure the safety of our group. 

At More Than Lyme, we love all of our members equally and maintain that a safe environment is necessary to promote healing and togetherness. 

stay in touch & in the know

Do join our ‘More Than Lyme Adventures’ Facebook group, where we will continue to talk details and ask questions around this, and future events, as well as our instagram & weekly newsletters.

important things to TAKE NOTE of

  • Make sure that you don’t where any strong perfumes or potent essential oils to the space as we want to make sure that those who are smell sensitive are able to enjoy themselves fully.

  • We will be announcing times that we will be going live on Instagram—do check back in here mid-April so you don’t miss out on the when’s and where’s.

  • And please, please do reach out if you have any questions at all! And if there are any changes made to the event, I will make sure to update this outline with all current information. 

Ticket sales end April 10th!

That said, if you know you can make it but won’t be able to get your ticket until after that date, just let me know now and I will add you to the headcount (

We do hope to see you there!

Make a donation to our favorite nonprofit.

Very excited to announce that we are fundraising on behalf of More Than Lyme's second annual event, to support Global Lyme Alliance, a leading nonprofit dedicated to conquering Lyme and tick-borne disease through research and education.