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Worth With Me More Than Lyme

Be-it the tools, practices, adventures, mindsets, shifts, gains, losses. Everything, really, that has come from navigating a Chronic Illness, I hope to take all that has been learned and acquired over the years, and be there as you navigate this stage of yours, no matter the circumstances at hand or what that might look like for you today, next week, or in six months.

the why.

At a certain point (a bursting point) I no longer wished to be entirely confined or restricted by the limitations that having a disease such as Lyme can bring, and I have a feeling that this might be why you’re here too—or something of the sort. To lessen the overwhelm, fear, and begin to believe in yourself and your abilities again, even in the midst of seemingly impossible obstacles. 

to create & do alongside healing.

To shift the plot line away from that of illness, fear, negative loops and triggers alike, and toward the possibilities found in all that you already are.


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