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Welcome to the more than lyme community, where we are raising awareness of lyme disease through community building, story telling, and adventure.

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Community is for everyone. Period.

That’s why we want to invite you (yes, you) to our event this spring, where you’ll be supported, uplifted, and inspired by others who know what it’s like to be presented with obstacle after obstacle. To feel unheard. To be told it’s all in their head.

You shouldn’t have to face this alone.

*Ticket sales end April 10, 2019


Stories told

Real Talk


What if what terrifies you most about having your voice heard, is the very reason why you should share your story?

give yourself every reason to believe that you are more than


Adventures Taken



Are you looking for a space where you can…

  • Be connected with other creatives facing Lyme on a deeper & more lasting level?

  • Go into each day with an active community ready to support & encourage you?

  • Gain access to a whole library of interviews, inspirations, resources, live conversations, and meditations?

  • Join a FB Group that gives you that cozy coffee shop vibe?

  • Gain access to BTS footage of our events & our Digital Pass?

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